Group Powder Chaser Tours

want to challenge yourself, with other like-minded people?

Do you want to get waist deep in the infamous powder of Japan,

but you’re travelling solo?

Off the well-trodden path, beyond anyone else's tracks,

you’ll absolutely love our group tours in Niseko sidecountry,

the resorts surrounding, and the backcountry of Hokkaido!

We are not afraid

to get out there a bit deeper and a bit further than anyone else.


Every single tour is individually designed to suit the unqiue dynamics of the group. So if everyone in the group wants a challenge, accessing terrain in the depths of central Hokkaido, we will set off on an off-the-beaten-path, wilderness adventure.


If everyone would prefer some cruisey lines within riding distance of the next lift, we’ll create a unique group sidecountry tour at any of the stunning resorts within an hour or so’s drive from Niseko.

It’s a pow chasing day trip, to the best snow around, given the snow and weather conditions.


There is a minimum requirement in skiing or snowboarding ability, especially if you are keen to join a group backcountry tour in any of Hokkaido's mountains or volcanoes.


We will be running these on Mondays and Fridays throughout the season.

Focussed around the goals and comfort levels of the group, you’ll be embarking on a

unique ski experience.


One spot on a group tours is only ¥18,000. If you’d like to reserve a spot on either a group backcountry tour, or a group sidecountry tour in Niseko or the surrounding areas throughout Hokkaido, make sure you let us know what you want to achieve, if you’d like us to help you hire backcountry gear or your avalanche kit, and your preferred dates. If you send us more than one option, it will make it more likely we can group together individuals with similar goals.


Tours will take a minimum of 4 people. If we are unfortunate enough to not be able to fill all 4 spots on a tour, we will refund you the deposit in full.

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Japan Powder Connection 


     Japan Powder Connection will deliver you to the BEST powder

skiing that Hokkaido has to offer

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