Our Environment

Japan Powder Connection is conscious that

every action has a reaction.

Wherever possible, we try to ensure, our decisions are as environmentally friendly as can be. As we jet around the world in search of new adventure and good times, we understand that we must give something back to the environment that gives us so much joy and experience.


In a world that is rapidly changing, it is becoming more apparent how the natural world has been affected by the choice of the human race. We believe that positive change can from education.


Our method of education is through first-hand experience. Many of our guests live in towns and cities, far from any type of wilderness. A wilderness that we want to take you into and explore together.

Feel good when making your booking with JPC.

We plant one indigenous tree

for every one of our customers.

Our aim is to guide you through the Hokkaido backcountry, providing you with the opportunity to experience this incredible natural world for yourselves.


In turn we must give something back to nature, without which none of us would be able to ride incredible powder in, scale mountains in, and appreciate what we, as a company, have on our doorstep.

Particularly in our Hokkaido

backcountry tours, you will experience a wilderness like no other.

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