Backcountry Tours

With a vast expanse of volcanic terrain to explore, let Japan

Powder Connection be your guide to some of the best

powder skiing in Japan, possibly even the best powder world.

From first-time tourers to experienced backcountry enthusiasts, all of our tours are tailored to your desires. The day will be designed to to suit your own previous experiences, whether you want a new challenge or are just out to see some spectacular views rarely seen by another human soul.

We go wherever the snow is deepest, the face-shots are most frequent, and the lines are the most epic.

All of these tours are private. Our guides’ extensive knowledge and unique experiences adventuring across Hokkaido will help determine the best spot to go to on the day. Keeping an eye on snow forecasts and weather maps, we will ensure you are only ever riding the best powder on the island.


If you haven’t got your own, we can help you sort out all the touring gear you’ll need for a day out in the wilderness. So make sure you’ve had a big breakfast!

be prepared for

once-in-a-lifetime routes, no tracks in sight,

and fresh lines all day.

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Japan Powder Connection 


     Japan Powder Connection will deliver you to the BEST powder

skiing that Hokkaido has to offer

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