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Our Rwanda Mission:

Promoting long-term change,

not just a quick fix

Japan Powder Connection is now supporting 

Root Foundation: an non-governmental organisation whose mission it is to eliminate children living on the streets,

right from the root.

Patrick Kiruhura and Muragwa Bienvenue, two local inhabitants of Kigali Rwanda, decided back in 2012, that they needed to make a statement on the sheer number of vulnerable and homeless children in their home nation. Their primary goal was to give skills to these children, enough to help them create a hopeful future for themselves.

Through their efforts, Root Foundation has opened up an ongoing discussion between Rwanda’s government, the parents, and the children, themselves, considering the different problems that cause families to become fractured and other problems that are related to a family malfunction.

Root Foundations prioritises the necessity for healthy relationships, being the foundation of humanity. Without communication with the ones you love, misunderstanding leads to a breakdown in relationships, the suppression of personality and individuality.

“Our vision is to create a world in which all the vulnerable children have the chance to fulfil their potential and to become valuable members of the community.”

[Patrick Kiruhura]

Root Foundation will receive ¥2,500JPY for every reservation made with Japan Powder Connection. 

It works out about the same as $25 USD. 

Help us support the incredible work they are doing in seeking to make street children in Rwanda a thing of the past.


Root Foundation creates a platform that inspires the youth in Rwanda to take action. They teach to never rely on foreign aid. They even teach the program’s participants how they can start up and run NGOs by themselves.


Root Foundation rehabilitates and mentors street children, then integrates them back into a family environment, through the Personal Development Program.  

"We are intending to create

the personalities of responsible future leaders."

[Muragwa Bienvenue]

The foundation believes in the importance of unearthing the inner potential of these children

"If you can help a child to discover their talent, they find purpose in their life. The most sustainable way of doing this is to help them discover their own inner potential, opening the door to the rest of the world for them." 

[Patrick Kiruhura]

The education of the rehabilitated children lies in not just academic areas: emphasis is also given to developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication, discipline, overwhelming challenges, nurturing talents, confidence and self-esteem.


By booking an experience with JPC, the impact of your actions will travel across the earth, transforming the lives of children in need of support, educationally, emotionally and financially.

$17 will buy health insurance for a family of 8 for an entire year

$20 will buy a child 12 months' worth of school supplies and uniform

$300 will allow a child to attend secondary school for a year

$1300 will rent the Children’s Centre and office for one month,

plus feed and house all Root Foundation’s volunteers

Learning can not be achieved without a full partnership with the parents of the child. Root Foundation sees that a child’s parents and family play a fundamental part in the behaviours and beliefs of that child when they enter their adult life.


So the parents are also provided with workshops, alongside local and international entrepreneurs wanting to support the program, in order for them to meet their responsibility to their child.

help us make a positive impact of the lives of these children and get them off the streets for good

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